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Year in Review

We place a high importance on measuring and recording the impact and value of Academy Chaplaincy, and regularly review our practice to ensure it is meeting the needs of the academy community.

Our 'Year in Review' sought to communicate a year of chaplaincy on a single page of A4, although this only scratches the surface of our work.

Those who financially support our work receive monthly updates, invitations to events, as well as the offer of presentations about our work and its impact.

Chaplaincy provides excellent support for students’ personal development and helps them to overcome the various challenges they face in their everyday lives.
— Ofsted, June 2015

Chaplaincy Evaluation Tool

Over the past 2 years we have developed the Boost Chaplaincy Evaluation Tool, which is a template designed to guide stakeholders through a 360°  review of chaplaincy provision in a high school context.


Trustee Team

A board of trustees leads the work of Boost with oversight of projects, strategy and impact. You can find out more about the trustee team here.