Academy Chaplaincy


In July 2014 we launched 'Academy Chaplaincy' as a brand new partnership between Boost Felixstowe and Felixstowe Academy. This is one of the first chaplaincy roles of its kind in Britain, as it sits within an academy 'with no religious affiliation'.

We like to say that the role is there to 'support students and staff, explore faith, and build community'.

Supporting people

At the heart of Academy Chaplaincy is the support of staff and students.  We provide pastoral care, mentoring and random acts of kindness to encourage and inspire.

Our chaplains are qualified youth workers and ministers, but also provide confidential support to staff too.


Exploring faith

In multi-cultural Britain the skill of religious literacy has never been needed more.

Through after school activities, 'Thoughts for the Week', and collective worship, we encourage students and staff to explore faith on their own terms whilst also promoting a broadly Christian ethos.

Building community

A school is the heart of any local community.

We actively encourage creative partnership working which facilitates the building of community and ethos, which aims for the inclusion and acceptance of all.


Josh Interviewed for BBC School Report


If you'd like to explore what chaplaincy might look like in your context, you can get in touch about our consultancy service here.